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Nova Lash Eye Lash Extensions.

NovaLash® is a fabulous way to have great looking lashes without Mascara. They look full, elegant and natural. Your NovaLash extensions are put on by our certified NovaLash Technician. Now you don't have to imagine leaving the salon with luxurious, thick lashes, it will be a reality! They will last up to eight weeks, then you can just pop into our NovaLash Studio for a quick fill. You will not need to wear mascara ever again. The process is simple and only takes about an hour and a half for the first application and about 30 minutes for future fills. The price is affordable and you will love how you look when you leave our Salon.

A New Set: 170.00 / A fill: 60.00

 We now are offering the Mink NovaLash Extensions
A New Set:185.00 / A Fill: 65.00

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